The 3% And The 50%

The 3% And The 50%

By David Thompson

Why is it that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make up just 3% of Australia’s population, yet account for 50% of the prison population? Why are worrying about a Mining Tax that isn’t paying when one prisoner costs our system $111,000 every year?

Many Aboriginal (and non-Aboriginal) families have a personal experience of dealing with the ‘justice’ system and the well-known cycle of jail time that this involves. So how can we as a society help Aboriginal men and their families break past this institutionalised cycle of jail and the barriers that places on leading a normal life?

One such program is the Gamarada Healing Program for Victims of Crime that operates out of Redfern in NSW. Director Ken Zulumovski runs the program to give men skills and healing with a real emphasis on understanding where they have been, what they have experienced and the effects of their lived experiences.

Ken describes the program as:

“The Gamarada Healing Program for Victims of Crime has been developed as a healing and empower-ing life-skills program to effectively support Aboriginal men who have been victims of crime. A 15 week group program will be adapted, based on the successful model of groupwork Gamarada has been recognised for. The program incorporates Indigenous-specific healing strategies developed to restore social and emotional wellbeing following the ongoing intergenerational effects of trauma among Aboriginal peoples, including being victims of crime. The program incorporates traditional Indigenous healing with Eastern and Western methods of self healing for daily living.”

Ken Zulumovski will present the program at Engaging Men from 9.00am until 12.30pm on Thursday 14 March.

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