Something new, something special! Resources for the male health community

Something new, something special! Resources for the male health community

If you are someone who works with men or boys in any area of male health, you might be interested in a new clearinghouse being launched for the male health community.

A clearinghouse is a web-based resource that collates and profiles programs, publications and resources to build an evidence base of practices that work. This clearinghouse, termed MENGAGE, is about profiling resources that can help program managers, community health staff, Local Health District staff and others to get a real sense of what’s out there in a quick and accessible manner.

I reckon it has great potential and I know there are a number of interested persons dealing with men’s health matters who want a wider perspective, including ME! (RP, NSW)

MENGAGE builds on the growing network of organisations and individuals in male health in Australia and will continue to raise the profile of male health work in Australia.

It’s All About…You

If your program or work in male health is something that could help a fellow colleague run something better for men and boys, please consider submitting a profile. Don’t worry, we’ll help you make it look good, and you too as well!

Tell us about it here…

Launching Soon…

The MENGAGE team would be very pleased to see you at a special launch event at Blacktown Hospital (UWS Clinical School) on Monday November 26th 2012 at 10.00am. We would love you to come along! Please fill in the form by November 19th and we’ll see you there!



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