Health Consumers Launch An Opportunity for Services

Health Consumers Launch An Opportunity for Services

At Parliament House in Sydney on Friday September 7th, The NSW Health Minister launched Health Consumers NSW. HCNSW is a body that advocates for the involvement of consumers in the design and delivery of health services in NSW and is part of a national groups of Health Consumers organisations around Australia.

I was interested in going to see what their takes was on how consumers should be involved in services and what gendered aspects if any there would be.

I found that there was not a real emphasis on gendered approaches but some of the anecdotes reported by committee members in their opening speeches resonated in terms of what we hear about how services operate in their approaches to men. These are things that sometimes act as barriers to effective service delivery for men that can reduce the use and adoption of services by men – like staff ignoring men when they present, or assuming that men and women’s health delivery needs are the same.

The committee was certainly interested in working with forums such as the AMHF and MHNSW and I think there’s an opportunity for us as male health advocates to shape health services to meet the needs of male consumers as much as female consumers through established male-inclusive design practices.

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