NEW MALE Men’s Health Conference March 2 & 3

Don’t miss out on the only National Male Health Conference in 2017. Early Bird Rate $450 now available. NEW MALE NATIONAL MALE HEALTH CONFERENCE Present Challenges and Future Solutions March 2 & 3, 2017 SPECIAL ADD ON EVENT Wednesday March 1 STOP MALE SUICIDE TRAINING DAY only $100 for Conference Participants Holiday Inn Hotel, 18 – 40 Anderson Street, Parramatta Are you concerned about...

Health, Purpose, Life And Everything In-Between

During Men’s Health Week, communities across Australia reach out to men, boys and their families to promote health and wellbeing through engaging activities, events and promotions. These events create the right setting for conversations about the elements that make us healthy – life, purpose, health and wellness and everything in-between – because they are locally tailored to the...

Men and Buddhism

Buddhism, a religion followed by over 400 million people , was founded in India by Siddhartha Gautama. It was developed sometime between 550 and 480 B.C. and its leader became known as “the Buddha,” which means “the Enlightened One.” Followers of Buddhism acknowledge The Four Noble Truths or key pillars of their belief system. These are followed by women and men, with...

A need to step back and think

Everyday lately we hear more about the increase in street violence and the shocking injuries and death of young men. Now in Sydney there are calls to raise the legal drinking age to 20 or 21 or take other measures to cut back opening hours of venues. But I think we are missing the point with the focus on alcohol. It is really about young men learning that violence is not on and developing new...

The Real Reasons Men Don’t Get Help

A survey of professionals working with men and boys in the UK and Australia has revealed the “Top Three Reasons Men Don’t Get Help” – and you may find the results surprising. According to men and women working in helping professions like healthcare, social work and mental health services, the three main reasons men are less likely to get help from frontline services are: There are less...

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