Survival Cards

Survival Cards (Downloadable PDF or Pack) are a tool for discussions with individuals or groups that name the positive and negative solutions people use to cope with life challenges. People often use negative coping strategies, even when they detest those responses. The difference between these choices is more governed by the interaction between our significant hopes and dreams and our...

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention This month we have had World Suicide Prevention Day and the RUOK? Day. Both events highlighting fhow we talk about and discuss suicide in the  community. I would like to make others aware of the  Community Guidelines for Discussing Suicide project in NSW. Project Update – The most recent edition of the project update for the Community Guidelines for Discussing...

priorities for action

ISSUE / AREA SUGGESTED ACTION/S TO BE TAKEN Alcohol and drugs Look at strategies to prevent risky drinking like DVA “Changing the Mix” program and 12 step programs Boy to manhood | youth transition Develop mentoring programs e.g. Pathways to Manhood – broaden this to schools, all years. Bring all services in this area together – perhaps a MHFNSW Seminar on this topic Chronic...

Health Consumers Launch An Opportunity for Services

Health Consumers Launch An Opportunity for Services At Parliament House in Sydney on Friday September 7th, The NSW Health Minister launched Health Consumers NSW. HCNSW is a body that advocates for the involvement of consumers in the design and delivery of health services in NSW and is part of a national groups of Health Consumers organisations around Australia. I was interested in going to see what their takes was on how consumers should be...

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